Conditions of Use

General business terms

ManualSoft s.a.r.l.  Automotive Repair Information.


For all mutual rights from and in relation with a contract conclusion between the customer and ManualSoft s.a.r.l.  Automotive Repair Information.(following called ManualSoft s.a.r.l.) are valid always these General business terms in the current edition.


Subject matter of the contract

ManualSoft s.a.r.l. supplies the products or services ordered by the customer according to offer assumption. If ManualSoft s.a.r.l. should recognize that e.g. a mistake slipped in with the information on a product, on a price or on an availability, ManualSoft s.a.r.l. will inform the customer immediately. The customer can confirm the task under the changed conditions again. If no confirmation occurs on the part of the customer, the contract is not valid.


Conclusion of contract/right to revoke

A bill what not was paid within 30 days will be valued like contradiction or resigned contract. After this period of time, normally all corresponding order documents will be deleted without notice.


Payment type

We send into all countries of the world. It is therefore certainly understandable, that we send exclusively with beforehand paid money transfer, to avoid conflicts and quarrels with the most different law systems.


Product description

ManualSoft s.a.r.l. makes an effort to write all product descriptions so exactly as possibly. This covers both, the operating system to be employed and the product itself. Will say: we install the product and compare the information from the supplier with the in fact provided ones. If a product is not on stock because it has only few demand or very frequent updates, we must rely to the description of the supplier. In this case we do not take over any responsibility for the description. When in the product description is mentioned something like >>need additional Hardware<< so is this hardware not contained unless that is pointed out explicitly.



When ManualSoft s.a.r.l. after contract conclusion detect that a ordered product or service either are not available anymore ManualSoft s.a.r.l. can offer an equivalent to quality and price or service or resign of the contract. Already received payments will be returned immediately.



ManualSoft s.a.r.l. takes over the entire risk the harm or the loss of the product on the mail way. Products there are not arrived at the customer within 30 days after in-payment are lost. Damaged products or an incomplete delivery must also be complained within 30 days from postmark. In all cases we will send new for free.


Price quotation

The Catalogue/Onlineshop prices are final prices but they do not include VAT

The invoice includes also the prices for supplementary services: Wrapping, shipping, insurance, etc.



Because copies are easy to make with today's computers our goods are excluded from exchange once you have received the key. Therefore, you should make sure that the product corresponds to your wishes, before you order. We have tried to make the product description as exact as possible.
If you have any additional question our service team will answer you any kind of doubt with great pleasure. Mis spelling or careless mistakes in the descriptions as well as global or inaccurate information on the necessary operating system are no reason to exchange the product.
If software for any reason can not be installed (which is quite possible .. because we can not constantly test 6000 programs of its validity for the final software version), we supply in these cases for all Windows and Linux versions virtual machine software with the necessary operating system.

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